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Правильная простынь :))))

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[COLOR="Black"]Где ж такой комплект постельного белья продается? :) [/COLOR]

[B][URL="http://www.karmasheetra.com/how_to_use_the_karmasheetra.htm"]Инструкция по применению[/URL],[/B] если вы вдруг не поняли, как использовать сей предмет. :)

1. Find a suitable partner (замечательно! спасибо за совет! )))) )

2. Tell them that you have purchased an inexpensive item that will cause 'sparks' in the bedroom department called a Karmasheetra

3. Take your Karmasheetra out of it's packaging and lay it out on a suitable surface (we suggest your bed)

4. Get naked (optional) (какой хороший пункт! ))))) )

5. Notice that the sheet is covered in Blue and Pink symbols - Blue is for 'him' and Pink is for 'her'

6. Climb onto the sheet - Each 'position' is achieved by placing hands, feet, knees and bottoms in the correct place, using the correct numbers

7. Change to as many positions as you can manage!

8. Have fun![/COLOR]

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