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Тема: Cable-Internet sharing over wifi

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    По умолчанию Cable-Internet sharing over wifi

    hello nice people of odessa, i'm studying here from another country. I have a question my friend has an internet connection from briz.ua corporation. He connects via one ethernet cable (it is vpn connection) i think you know this. I just want to make it accessible to my computer over wifi. The problem is that his computer is windows xp but mine is windows 7. He doesn't want to use windows 7. Is there anyone who met this problem before? And can he/she help me? Probably i might solve this problem with buying a router but predictably i have not much money

    My problem is that: I want to use my friend's "one cable ethernet internet connection" over wireless. And i have windows 7, he has windows xp. How can i do this? Thanks very much already... Happy new years...

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    It's possible. I made the same connection between two vista and sharing internet one through another. But you have to be protected from illegal access. In this connection you must make some setting with users to access: START -- Control Panel --- Administration --- Local Security Policy. Something like create rule for user or guest to access. But i don't remember exectly . If you don't have money, better and easier ask your friend to buy router and check your friendship at the same time

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