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Тема: Начнём с Boot CD!

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  1. Вверх #1

    По умолчанию Начнём с Boot CD!

    Hiren's Boot CD 5.0
    Это мегазагрузочный супер-пупер диск

    ftp://test:[email protected]/HBootCD5.zip - 26 Mb (*.iso)

    Что на нем ..

    Hiren's BootCD v5.0

    All in one Dos Bootable CD which has all these utilities

    Partition Tools

    Partition Magic 8.2
    Best software to partition hard drive

    Paragon Partition Manager 5.5
    Universal tool for partitions

    Partition Commander 8.01
    The safe way to partition your hard drive, with undo feature

    Ranish Partition Manager 2.44
    a boot manager and hard disk partitioner.

    The Partition Resizer v1.3.4
    move and resize your partitions in one step and more.

    Smart Fdisk 2.05
    a simple harddisk partition manager

    Active Kill Disk 1.1
    Securely overwrites and destroys all data on physical drive.

    Disk Clone Tools

    Drive Image 2002
    Best software to clone hard drive

    Norton Ghost 8.0
    Similar to Drive Image

    Partition Saver 2.80
    A tool to backup/restore partitions.

    Antivirus Tools

    F-Prot Antivirus 3.14b
    Very good virus scanner (with NTFS support and easy to use for all)

    Norton Antivirus 2004
    For emergency when you cant boot to windows because of a virus

    Recovery Tools

    Offline NT/2K/XP Password Changer
    utility to reset windows nt/2000/xp administrator/user password.

    Active Partition Recovery 2.1
    To Recover a Deleted partition.

    Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro 6.3
    To Recover data that has been deleted/virus attack

    Winternals Disk Commander 1.1
    more than just a standard deleted-file recovery utility

    TestDisk 4.5
    Tool to check and undelete partition.

    Testing Tools

    DocMemory 2.0
    RAM Test utility

    GoldMemory 5.07
    another RAM Test utility

    System Speed Test 4.78
    it tests CPU, harddrive, ect.

    Hard Disk Tools

    Hard Disk Diagnostic Utilities
    Hard Disk Testing tools Supports Fujitsu, IBM/Hitachi, Maxtor,
    Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, (easy to use with menu) and
    low level format

    HDD Regenerator 1.31
    to recover a bad hard drive

    Ontrack Disk Manager 9.57
    Disk Test/Format/Maintenance tool.

    Norton Disk Doctor 2002
    a tool to repair a damaged disk, or to diagnose your hard drive.

    Norton Disk Editor 2002
    a powerful disk editing, manual data recovery tool.

    System Information Tools

    Aida16 2.12
    a system information tool, extracts details of all components of the PC

    PCI and AGP info Tool
    The PCI System information & Exploration tool.

    Ontrack Data Advisor 5.0
    Powerful diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer

    System Analyser version 5.2z
    View extensive information about your hardware

    Navrсtil Software System Information 0.57.4
    High-end professional system information tool

    DOS File Managers

    Volkov Commander 4.99
    Dos File Manager with LongFileName/ntfs support
    (Similar to Norton Commander)

    Dos Command Center 5.1
    Classic dos-based file manager.

    File Wizard 1.35
    a file manager - colored files, drag and drop copy, move, delete etc.

    File Maven 3.5
    an advanced DOS file manager with high speed PC-to-PC file
    transfers via serial or parallel cable

    Other Tools

    DosCDroast beta 2
    Dos CD Burning Tools

    Bootmagic 8.0
    This tool is for multi boot operating systems

    Picture Viewer 1.94
    Picture viewer for dos, supports more then 40 filetypes.

    QuickView Pro 2.51
    movie viewer for dos, supports many format including divx.

    LapLink 5.0
    the smart way to transfer files and directories between PCs.

    DOS Tools

    NTFS Dos Pro 5.0
    To access ntfs partitions from Dos

    USB CD-Rom Driver 1
    Standard usb_cd.sys driver for cd drive

    Universal USB Driver 2
    Panasonic v2.06 ASPI Manager for USB mass storage

    Interlnk support at COM1
    To access another computer from COM port

    Interlnk support at LPT1
    To access another computer from LPT port

    And too many great DOS tools to list...
    extract, pkzip, pkunzip, pkzipfix, unrar, rar, ace, scandisk,
    scanreg, attrib, deltree, xxcopy, diskcopy, filecopy, diskimage,
    edit, editbini, fdisk, spfdisk, xfdisk,format, LowFormat(LF),
    find, sort, move, more, hex, debug, regedit, split, label, mem,
    mhdd, xmsdsk, doskey, duse, ddloader, bootpart, bootsave,
    bootrest, MBRwork, sys, killcmos, cmos, cmospwc, cmospwd, bios,
    amipsw, aw, smartdrv, guest, cpuid, intersvr, mscdex, mouse,
    lfndos, doslfn....

    Windows Tools

    SpaceMonger 1.4
    keeping track of the free space on your computer

    Drive Temperature 1.0
    Hard Disk Drive temperature meter

    Disk Speed 1.0
    Hard Disk Drive Speed Testing Tool

    MemTest 1.0
    a Memory Testing Tool

    PageDfrg 2.21
    System file Defragmenter For NT/2k/XP

    Split Join 1.3.3
    a Small File Split-Join Tool

    Ghost Image Explorer 7.0
    to add/remove/extract files from Ghost image file

    Drive Image Explorer 5.0
    to add/remove/extract files from Drive image file

    .Access Denied.

  2. Вверх #2
    Случайно наткнулся там же ftp://test:[email protected]/pass/ -софт Password Recovery-полный комплект! :wink:
    .Access Denied.

  3. Вверх #3
    И все уместилось в 26 МБТ ???
    "...а хамить нам не надо, мы сами хамы..." (С) Остап Берта Мария Бендер Бей

  4. Вверх #4
    Если не понятна строка
    All in one Dos Bootable CD which has all these utilities
    то уточню: Созданный BootCD - заменяет загрузочные дискеты для каждой утилиты в отдельности. Это не инсталяторы для винды!!!, а дос утилиты для подготовки компьютера, проверка вирусов, востановленя данных....
    .Access Denied.

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