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Тема: Google, GTUG and Rock&Roll — Odeeessa!!!

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    По умолчанию Google, GTUG and Rock&Roll — Odeeessa!!!


    When: Saturday, November 17, 12:00-16:00
    Where: Ciklum Odessa, Uspenskaya str., 39/1 (corner Kanatnaya str), find at StreetView
    The launch of GDG Odessa is organizing in the usual atmosphere of international brainstorming and offline chaos. Six countries and two continents are tightly involved into the process. The meeting timing is specified to a single day, as well as the venue is localized with an accuracy sufficient for the landing of google-descent. Event hosts the best friend of all Ukrainian Google-developers - Ciklum!

    How come, that there is still no Google Developer Group in Odessa?

    So by now we already know for certain, that at the first meeting of GDG Odessa you will hear about the following:
    • Wut's for that GDG?
    • Where will the Odessa-citizens be greeted from?
    • What kind of Android and HTML5 secrets do we know?
    • How to create the best GDG ever from scratch?
    • Yeap, our people are everywhere
    • How GDG Odessa will conquer them all!
    • GTUG or GDG - what's the difference at all?
    • What on earth is that Rock & Roll to the case?!

    About this stuff and many other exciting matters you will hear from:

    Vasiliy Saenko - Supreme Googler of All Odessa and the surrounding areas (GDG Odessa Coordinator)
    Alex Ustenko - Master Yoda Android GDG Dnepropetrovsk
    Timur Porkuyan - Google Zurich
    Alexander Negara - GDG Moldova
    Denis Kozhevnikov - GDG London (our man)
    Vladimir Ivanov, GDG Kyiv-Center - sensei of one of the best teams from the worldwide GDG-top
    Oleg Shkuropat - the Host, Branch Manager Ciklum Odessa
    Other Google-tech gurus from Odessa and other cities.

    Not bad for a new group, yeah? Please stay tuned for more information. Wherever you'll see the familiar loGOOOO, be sure - that's us!
    Sorry, but we don't want to rustle up another lousy conference with sleepy participants. We work to make it count. And, of course, everything should be GOOGLE!

    * To participate in the meeting GDG Odessa, please register here.
    Последний раз редактировалось Ciklum; 15.11.2012 в 16:17.
    Ciklum Team

  2. Вверх #2
    Odessa, Ukraine, Ukraine
    что же вы так плохо прорекламировали такое замечательное мероприятие?

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