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Тема: 21.02 Trance Industry: MARCOS ( London ) @ DOMINO

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    По умолчанию 21.02 Trance Industry: MARCOS ( London ) @ DOMINO

    21 февраля ( суббота )

    >>>>>>> Trance Industry <<<<<<<
    _________MARCOS ( London )________

    >>> 2 years Yan Propeller's promo <<<

    :::::::::::::::::::: also :::::::::::::::::::::::
    ..... DJ Championship: Trance Edition ....
    . Danny Ocean. Melloffon. Andi Ray. Baranina.
    . Slam. Y-Transov & Slash. Atomixtorm. Exclusive Fly.

    Marcos ( London )

    Слушаем его треки и ремиксы у меня в аудиозаписях: http://vkontakte.ru/audio.php?41374

    Marcos, real name Mark Dearden, is established as one of the UK's best know Trance producers. Having written and remixed a staggering number of tracks over the last 5 years, he has forged himself an excellent reputation as a quality producer, remixer and DJ.
    As a DJ, mark has performed world wide at all of the biggest promotions including GodsKitchen, Gatecrasher, Passion, Dance Valley, Slinky and many more.
    Cosmicstring can be considered one of the most successful trancers of the past few years. Originally signed to Blue Print Audio in the UK, it was quickly picked up and signed to world no.1 DJ Paul Van Dyk's Vandit Records, and was PVD's track of the year. In 2006, Marcos - Ad Infinitum, was signed to Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance label, and Mark has also remixed several Apogee tracks for the same imprint. The follow up to Cosmicstring, Summer Solstice, was also signed to Vandit and his work has appeared on Drizzly, Druck, Captivating Sounds, Instant Music, 90 Degrees North, Bulletproof and too many more to list. Other high profile projects include remixes for Ian Van Dahl, Dumonde, DJ Scot Project, Andy Bagguley, JK Walker and many more. With licenses to hundreds of compilations across the world and radio sessions as well, Mark's ability to light up hi-fi's as well as dance floors is unquestionable. 2007 marks a significant new chapter in his career as he kicks off his first record label, Kerf Music. In conjunction with JK Walker, Mark hopes to help to bring through the next generation of stars as well as ensure that his music reaches people quicker and more effectively than ever before. With big projects still lined up on Armada, Combined Forces and Kerf, and DJ bookings to boot, 2007 will another big year! What they say about Marcos: "An outstanding producer" Marco V "Keep an eye on this fella - he's going all the way" Danny Clipboard (Mixmag) "Some of the biggest records on my dancefloors over the past 6 months have been from Mark, and from the sounds of things there's more to come." Paul Kershaw (Galaxy 102) "One of the newest, freshest and most consistent trance producers on the block!!" Mark Sherry (Public Demand/Clyde FM) "Brilliant, love it love it!" Armin Van Burren on Euphonic - Red Bullet "Kickin" Scott Mac on Muzikman - Satellites "Tune" Ferry Corsten on Euphonic - Asia.

    22 00 финалисты DJ Champ ( Trance Edition )

    02 00 MARCOS ( London )

    04 00 Ashes
    05 00 Andrew Tin

    Первым 150 человек - 60 грн
    Далее - 70 грн

    Как получить скидку 20,10,5 грн на вход читать здесь:


    Данный ивент является переходом >>> Trance Industry <<< на новый уровень, приходим и поддерживаем нас, и впереди нас ждёт таже любимая атмосфера праздничного транса, но только уже с гостями , декорациями и спецэффектами мирового уровня!
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