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Тема: Черный список писем с предложением работы заграницей

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  1. Вверх #1

    По умолчанию Черный список писем с предложением работы заграницей

    Может уже была такая тема - я, по крайней мере, не нашла. (если что, перемещайте)
    Цель темы: делиться информацией о потенциальном лохотроне тщательно или не очень замаскированного под предложения о работе забугром.
    Личный опыт: т.к. желание эмигрировать у меня с мужем очень большое, в свое время наотправляла резюме мужа (технические специальности) по разным сайтам. Как итог - приходят периодически "предложения" о работе, в которых, естественно, по началу ни слова о деньгах. Проблема в том, что часто легко определить правдивость информации, но разок прислали такое красивое письмо, с целым пакетом договоров и прочее - я в результате раскусила мошенников, но времени было потрачено 2 дня. Итак, топ 10 "писем счастья":

  2. Вверх #2
    1.) Свеженькое, только пришло:
    Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre
    50088 Kuala Lumpur


    With reference to our jobs opportunity, your Curriculum Vitae (CV) resume
    matches our requirements and has been shortlisted for considerations at
    PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) on contract basis concerning 2011 Oil &
    Gas Project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Meanwhile PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) is in need of expatriates
    that can work in various fields and you are required to send your Curriculum
    Vitae (CV) resume and answers below questions of intent.

    Send the required details to: [email protected] or call Dr.
    Khan Raza the EMPLOYMENT PROCESSING MANAGER (EPM) on ++601-664-197-37 for
    more information.

    1. Give us details of your present employment status.
    2. How soon can you travel down to any location post you?
    3. What three specific job positions do you target from the company?
    4. Give us your full details on the following:
    5. Full name,
    6. Permanent mailing address,
    7. Office/work mailing address,
    8. Direct contact number (s),
    9. E-mail Address.
    10. What are your future plans for the company if permanently employed?
    11. What is your current country location?
    12. What is your country of nationality?
    13. What is your current monthly salary in $US currency?

    Please ensure that all information provided is true and correct.

    Tel: ++601-664-197-37
    Contact Person: Dr. Khan Raza
    E-mail address: [email protected]

  3. Вверх #3
    2.) Предложение в цветущую Нигерию
    Shell Petroleum Co. Nigeria Ltd.
    Shell Industrial Layout
    Rumuobiakani Portharcourt,
    Nigeria. P.O.Box 263.
    Tell: +234-84-812757.
    Fax: +234-84-795086..

    Attn: Sir,

    You are hereby notified that your qualifications and experience were found suitable for the requirements of Shell Nigeria. You are to submit your latest resume and certificates for verification and screening.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr. Charles Ugwu
    Director of Human Resources
    Shell Nigeria

  4. Вверх #4
    3.) И на десерт - Англия!!!

    Dear Sir,

    I am Mr. David E. Winter from Westside Chambers. Your immigration Lawyer. Before you can work in the UK you will need to be issued a work permit by the HOME OFFICE. A Work Permit relates to a specific individual, for a specific job for a specific length of time - holders cannot switch between employers. It is valid for the duration of the contract and is not open-ended. Maximum time for which a Work Permit can be valid is five years, though this is likely to be the exception. Most contracts are likely to be for one or two years.
    Attached with this mail are:

    1, GATSA forms
    To enable your work permit to be issued, complete the form and then send these documents via mail or fax.

    2, Certificates and credentials.

    3, Medical clearance reports from a reputable medical center (test to be carried out are HIV and HEPATITIS).

    4. You are to write a letter of acceptance of job offer. You are to state the company name (TOTALFINAELF UK) the position offered, the letter should be signed and sent as an attachment to me through email.

    5. You should take an OVERSEA TRAVELERS INSURANCE POLICY (OTIP) from Zenith Assurance PLC, (you can reach them with this email address and ask on how to be insured at which is the British Apex insurance company . The duration should be for one year, it should include benefits for loss of luggage, repatriations, medical, permanent disability and death etc. These documents will enable your work permit to be approved. When the work permit has been approved, all relevant documents backing it will be forwarded to the British embassy in your location. Also your own copy will be sent to you, which you will be expected to present at the British embassy upon their invitation.You have just one weeks to submit the required documents to enable me file for your application.

    David E. Winter

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