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A New Year

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For me the beginning of a new year is both the best and worst part of the year. On the one hand you have the excitement of not knowing what the new year will bring. Anticipation is a great feeling, all things are possible, personal and professional resolutions are still in front of you and they haven't been broken yet. I have set a number of goals for myself in 2011; I want to get back to my weight from high school, I want to start playing sport again, I want to be confident speaking Russian, and i want to make some new friends! Right now all of those things seem possible.

Unfortunately, January is also the worst time of year. It is cold and grey and for me there are no holidays. It is generally a depressing time of year. One of the reasons I came to Odessa was because of the weather. I was promised mild weather))) but for the past two years it has been more like Vladivostok than Valencia. I left Canada because I had enough of the cold and now to be sitting freezing seems unfair. The only positive is that because of all the holidays I feel that January is almost over, February is a short month and March is the start of spring so I can stay positive and keep all my New Year's Resolutions.

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