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Party in Odessa

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It was one of my student's birthday last weekend and he was kind enough to invite me. I have been to a few Ukrainian parties and I just wanted to share some of the differences between parties here and in Canada. First, the strangest thing for me is how much work the birthday boy/girl has to do, they need to prepare food and drinks and make sure all their guests are happy in Canada it's the opposite on your birthday everyone does everything for you. Second, most of the parties here seem much more formal, there is usually one big table with everyone sitting around and talking to their neighbour. Usually, in Canada people are free to walk around and chat with different people and the party moves from room to room, from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room to the balcony and so on. The third major difference is the number of toasts guests give here, every 5 minutes someone gives a toast and it's another shot of vodka I usually end up in a complete mess.

This may sound like I am complaining but I am not I love the hospitality I have been shown and the parties are definitely a new experience and a small insight into the culture. And of course I will never complain about free vodka even if the next day is more than difficult

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  1. LJay -
    Аватар для LJay
    Yes, Birthday in Ukraine this is not time for relax. Sometimes you have to make a few parties: for co-workers, for friends and for relatives. And of course you need to prepare all things by yourself or may be with help of spouse or parents. Sometimes I dream about to come on birthday at home (after work) and everything is ready and a lot of people meet me . Like in Hollywood films.
  2. Lola McLaren -
    Аватар для Lola McLaren
    Thanks for a very interesting information about parties in Canada!