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Teaching English in Odessa - A Canadian English Teacher's Blog

An introduction

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My name is Ian MacMillan and I have been in Odessa working as a teacher for the past four years with a small break. I spent about 6 months in South Korea teaching children there and I spent some time in Prague getting my teaching certificate. I thought I would say a few things about me and hopefully whoever reads it will find it interesting. I am from Canada, a small city 400 km east of Vancouver, and I just turned 29 years old. It feels strange to be closing in on 30 as it marks an important point in a person's life but I still feel very young.

Before moving to Odessa and starting my teaching career I studied history at university and I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in this field. I still love history and that is one of the great things about Odessa is its colourful history and that all the people who live here are so knowledgeable about the city's past. I also really enjoy politics so again Ukraine suits me as politics is the national soap opera, constantly entertaining. In my free time I like watching football and ice hockey (it's a Canadian obsession) and I also really enjoy reading and watching films. I'm not sure what else to say I think I will use this blog to keep people up-to-date on my impressions as a foreigner in Odessa and the state of English in the city. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave me a message.

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  1. koala -
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    Would you like to learn Russian?
  2. MacMillan -
    Аватар для MacMillan
    I am slowly trying to learn but it is very difficult to learn a new language. I can say that now I am not too bad, i can pretty much understand most of what is happening around but it is definitely a slow process.
  3. Lola McLaren -
    Аватар для Lola McLaren
    Do you like our city? )))